The Client


001/2019 – The Client

Joel Schumacher/1994/US/English/119 mins

Such an amazing cast who’ve given really wholesome performances! Of course the stalwarts elevate any project with their presence, but Brad Renfro was such a discovery. Unfortunate that he was lost so young.

The movie starts with a bang, creating full-fledged three-dimensional characters, only to lose steam in the end. They either become weak imitations or caricatures of themselves.

Nevertheless, it does have the gritty pace of a John Grisham thriller, except be prepared to be somewhat disappointed if you’ve read the book. I had read it decades ago, and I still remember being far more impressed with the book then, than how the movie rushes to its climax post some amateur-detective level sleuthing. Yes, it is unfair to compare the two media of storytelling, but that the movie doesn’t really manage to reach its potential despite being adapted from such fantastic source material should be telling.

Somehow, it still is pretty entertaining, and counts as a good legal drama to be considered on a day the mood strikes you for such.

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